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Inclement Weather
Everyone should receive a phone call or a text message from the district office if there is going to be no school or a delayed start due to inclement weather. If you feel your child’s school may not have a good contact number for you, please get in touch with your child’s building secretary.

It is our goal to have a decision made by 5:30 a.m. as to starting school on time, have a two hour late start, or canceling school. You should receive a phone call or text by 6:00-6:10 informing you of a late start or cancellation. If you do not receive anything we are having school on time. Delayed start or cancellation of school will also be posted on the district web page and the district Facebook page.

Remember we are making up all days that are missed this year. We have two days built into the calendar for snow days, February 14 and May 8. If we miss school prior to those days, you will be expected to go to school on those days. If we have not missed any school days, those are non-school days where school will be closed. Two hour late starts will not be made up. It is up to the buildings how they treat their work day as far as classes go (i.e. shorter periods, no recess, etc.). There will be no breakfast or Pre-School on Late Start days. We will not have a late start on a Friday.

After School Activities:
There will be no elementary or middle school after-school activities on days that are cancelled.
The decision to have high school after-school activities will be made by the principal and superintendent. The goal will be to have that decision by noon.

Sometimes the weather will turn nasty in the morning after we start school. Unless it is extremely severe we will stay in school the full day. We may have an early (5-10 minutes) release to allow the busses adequate time to drive in the daylight.

Decisions on after school activities will be made before the students get on the bus.
The intention of this memo is to answer most parent questions regarding inclement weather situations. Please know that any decision we make is in the interest of children’s safety. We will use the collective judgment of many people when the decisions are made.

Please know if you don’t feel it is safe for your child to get on the bus or drive to school, you have every right to keep them home. Your child will not be punished for that decision.

Please call Aaron Duff or Janet Millar at the district office (541-938-3551) if you have any questions.

Todos recibirán una llamada telefónica o un mensaje de texto de la oficina del distrito si no va a haber clases o si iniciaremos tarde debido al mal tiempo. Si usted cree que la escuela de su hijo(a) no tiene el número de contacto actualizado para comunicarse con usted, por favor comuníquese con la secretaria de la escuela de su de su hijo(a).
Nuestra meta es tomar una decisión antes de las 5:30 a.m. sobre si habrá un cambio en el horario de clases. Usted recibirá una llamada telefónica o un mensaje de texto antes de las 6: 00-6: 10 con la información correcta. Si no recibe una llamada o texto esto quiere decir que estaremos funcionando en el horario normal. Inicio de las dos horas tarde o la cancelación de clases también se publicarán en la página web y en la página de Facebook del distrito.
Recuerde que, si faltamos días a clase debido al mal tiempo, recuperaremos todos los días que faltemos este año. Tenemos dos días integrados en el calendario para los días de nieve, el 14 de febrero y el 8 de mayo. Si faltamos a la escuela antes de esos días debido al mal tiempo, se espera que los estudiantes asistan a clases en esos días. Si no hemos perdido ningún día escolar, esos son días que no hay clases y las escuelas estarán cerradas. No tendremos que recuperar las 2 horas de inicio tarde. Depende de los edificios cómo tratan su día de trabajo en lo que respecta a las clases (es decir, períodos más cortos, sin recreo, etc.). No habrá desayuno ni clases preescolares en los días de entrada 2 horas tarde. No tendremos 2 horas de retraso ningún viernes.
Actividades después de clases
No habrá actividades extraescolares de primaria o secundaria en los días que se cancelen las clases debido al mal tiempo. El director y el superintendente tomarán la decisión sobre las actividades de la preparatoria. El objetivo será tener esa decisión antes del mediodía.
A veces el clima se pondrá desagradable en la mañana después de que empecemos la escuela. A menos que sea extremadamente severo, nos quedaremos en la escuela todo el día. Es posible que tengamos una salida temprana (5-10 minutos) para que los autobuses tengan el tiempo adecuado para conducir a la luz del día.
Las decisiones sobre las actividades después de clases se tomarán antes de que los estudiantes suban al autobús. La intención de este memorándum es responder a la mayoría de las preguntas de los padres con respecto a las inclemencias del tiempo. Tenga en cuenta que cualquier decisión que tomemos es en interés de la seguridad de los estudiantes. Usaremos el juicio colectivo de muchas personas cuando se tomen las decisiones.
Tenga en cuenta que si no cree que es seguro para su hijo(a) subir al autobús o conducir a la escuela, tiene todo el derecho de mantenerlos en casa. Su hijo(a) no será castigado por esa decisión.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, llame a Aaron Duff o Janet Millar a la oficina del distrito (541-938-3551).

Current Info
With the holiday's coming up, please only miss school if you are truly ill. Our teachers need you here, so they have a full classroom and can do lots of teaching to all of you.

If you have a transportation request that is a change from a normal routine, it must be called in to the office by 2 pm to take affect that day. Thank you.

Just a reminder that Friday's are a 2 hour early release. Subtract 2 hours from normal pick up or bus times to arrive at the appropriate Friday time.

On behalf of Freewater School, I would like to say welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. My name is Jay Rodighiero and I am the new Principal at Freewater School. I am a Mac-Hi alumni and have worked at Ferndale as a paraprofessional, an Alternative Ed teacher at Central, the Athletic Director/Assistant Principal at Mac-Hi and most recently Assistant Principal at Mac-Hi. Once a Pioneer, always a Pioneer.

Freewater School will house Little Pioneers Preschool, Pioneer Explorers Kindergarten, Pioneer Stepping Stones K-5 students, and the middle and high school Connect program. We will work closely with Gib Olinger and Ferndale Elementary Schools and Central and Mac-Hi administrations.

Tara Wheeler will be the returning Little Pioneers Preschool teacher and Marsha McElrath will lead the K-5 Pioneer Stepping Stones program. Joining them will be Allison Henckel who runs the Connect program for the secondary grades 6-12. Allison VanOcker has been hired to teach the Explorers Kindergarten class. Some students will be a full day at Freewater and other students will split their day between Freewater and their home school.

We look forward to a great year.
Regular Office Hours:
7:30 am to 4:00 pm

School Hours:
8:00am to 3:00pm M,T,W,Th
8:00am to 1:00pm Friday

Students needing to register may register at their home school:

KG - 3rd @ Gib Olinger Elementary School
4th - 5th @ Ferndale Elementary School
6th - 8th @ Central Middle School
9th - 12th @ McLoughlin High School

Office (541) 938-6611
Fax (541) 938-5773